Laura Durgaryan

Laura Durgaryan


Laura Durgaryan is an artist of passion. She is an individualistic, creating surrealistic, realistic, and graphic art. She also enjoys completing still life portraits. Laura, a native of Armenia, graduated with her Bachelors of Arts in Fine Art from the University of Fine Arts. While developing her unique artistic skills for nearly the past 30 years, Laura worked as an art instructor, teaching both groups and private pupils.

Moving to America has made Laura’s art more diverse in nature, adding new knowledge and technique which allows her to further experiment with her creative visions. Laura also has experience in wall décor finishes and interior design, and with this knowledge, she masters unique forms of textures in her paintings. Her use of ink on canvas in addition to her choice of warm colors, Laura creates masterpieces that leave collectors yearning for more. Her figurative graphics inspire feelings of euphoria and a desire to see what future pieces will bring.

Just as delicate as the spring’s first bloom, Laura portrays the female essence through the use of nature in her figurative graphics, such as seen with “Dancing Woman.” Previous life experiences and adversity, allows Laura to express resilience in every composition she completes. She also uses Russian history and art to inspire her still life paintings.

Laura’s achievements confirm the talented artist that she is. Through group as well as lone exhibitions, her paintings have become creations to own. Laura has received numerous awards as a “Distinguished Artist” and honorable mentions in various magazines. Her works have been presented in diverse galleries include the Le Vernissage Gallery of Fine Arts, and Tamara G Gallery in Carmel City as well as in exhibitions by Vendome Aditions, JonDo Company, and Bausman Company. Her paintings have appeared in many parts of the world including Armenia, Germany, and France. Laura strives to inspire individuals through her power of imagination and her creations.